New corporate identity


Showing its ability to adapt and innovate, Telcoma presents itself with a new corporate image that approaches Riello Elettronica Group while pushing the company into a future vision of the automation market under the values to which the company has been committed for years: reliability, durability, elegance and great experience.

The new logo is composed by a logotype and a payoff. The logotype font has been chosen for its width that immediately underlines the company pragmatism. On the other side, as for major luxury brands, elegance and history are transmitted through the payoff that enhances the company mission with the sentence ?gate automation? and its date of foundation with ?since 1980?.

The central orange characters become a chromatic element that links the logo to the previous Telcoma image. At the same time, it ironically represents a lock referring to the company mission and to the feeling of safety and control that nowadays are intrinsic values of Telcoma.