New ACE 601, for sliding gate and door automation systems with 24V motors.


Telcoma is updating and extending the ACE range of geared motors for sliding gate and door leaves from 400 to 800 Kg, starting with the launch of its middle-of-the-range model; the ACE601.
Its shapes and colours may be familiar on the outside, but on the inside this unit has new components in a new layout. There are several changes, from the most obvious, such as the position of the control unit, to the less visible features, such as the completely redesigned reduction gearbox.

In the ACE601 the control unit is placed at the top, horizontal, with all the connections on one side to simplify wiring and maintenance procedures; the device also has a PCB to control the motor and peripherals with new functions and new input and output connections.
The key features of the new A124 (the code number of the new control unit) are:
– two inputs for 8K2 sensitive edges (balanced, with independent tripping during opening and closing)
– input for master-slave control of two automation systems (for double sliding gates and doors)
– US1 output with voltage-free contact and 4 activation modes
– new calculation procedures for motor power control based on current drawdown and encoder sensor data.
– motor speed adjustment
– dedicated 24V output for powering photocells (reduces electricity consumption and conserves range characteristics)
– fitting for connection of the Telcoma PRG-LINK system.
The circuit board is protected by a cover in insulating material, with accesses at various levels and clear, intuitive connection markings.

The 24V electric motor is a new article chosen after a long period of research and dynamic and thermal testing, which has demonstrated its outstanding performance, confirming its suitability for sliding gate and door leaves of up to 600 kg with top speeds of 15 m/min. A number of mechanical changes and the new reduction gearbox components have helped to ensure even smoother travsensitivity to obstructions.

ACE601 is the outcome of targets set and actions taken by Telcoma to improve its products’ reliability and shorten installation times, without reducing safety levels for the installer and end user.

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